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    process:water glass casting ​material: carbon steel Casting Tolerance: ISO 8062 CT 6~8
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    2019-05-22 15:28:12

Process:water glass casting

Material: carbon steel

Water glass casting belongs to lost wax casting. compared with sand casting, it has a more precise dimension and better surfuce.

That means it can be used after slightly machining or directly, saving customer's machining cost and time.

Uauslly, casting tolerance for this process is ISO 8062, CT 6~8, and surface Ra 12.5 μm.

Water glass casting is one of lost wax casting process. Compared with sand casting, it can foundry more precise parts and better surface. This casting process leaving out core nor mold jointing, can make complicated castings with cavities. High precision means that water glass casting parts can be used directly or only need slightly machining. On one hand, it dramatically reduce machining work, and on the other hand, It save 30% raw material than sand casting parts.

Compared with another casting process, silica sol casting, its lower cost make it more competitive.         

Its process as following:

lost wax casting process.jpg



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