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    medical equipment steel lost wax casting parts

    process:silica sol casting parts material: stainless steel 316
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    2019-05-22 09:25:34

process:silica sol casting                                               

parts material: Stainless steel 316           

Baoding Bangsheng came from an integrated metal parts manufacture. In order to provide more professional service for customer, we establish the special company to supply trade service. At present, our trade service mainly centers  around casting, forging, cnc machining and involves powder metallurgic, sheet metal processing, mechanical assembly etc..  


Both silica sol casting and water glass casting belong to investment casting or lost wax casting. So process of silica sol casting is almost the same as water glass casting. But silica sol investment casting process uses silica sol zircon sand as the molding material, which can stand temperature up to 2000 degree.

Our professional engineers can provide you with a full range of technical consulting and product improvement projections, and reduce parts costs.




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