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    Closed impeller casting manufactures

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Closed impeller casting manufactures


Impeller casting is a specific process that allows the creation of an impeller (or rota, as they are frequently referred to). Although these components can come in many guises – usually being manufactured from materials such as stainless steel, iron, carbon steel, and other metals such as bronze or brass, and even plastics – they typically form the heart of a machine that moves fluid via rotation, such as a centrifugal pump body or compressor. Any number of power sources can be used to provide the rotational energy to spin the impeller, and this velocity in turn creates great pressure within the confines of the pump housing. It is this pressure that’s used to move any fluids, or even gases, within the mechanism.

We manufactures impeller castings by the investment casting process for a number of different industries, including: 

Oil and gas sectors

Pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries

Chemical and food-based lines of work

They are also utilised extensively to move water, sewage and general wastage, including when the speed or distance of maritime travel needs to be measured near a ship’s hull.

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