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    Factory cnc milling casting steel parts

    process:lost wax casting, machining material: low carbon steel
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    2019-05-21 17:46:59

process:lost wax casting, machining                                           

material: low carbon steel        

CNC machining is one of the most critical functions of the manufacturing sector, from the production of computer parts and fasteners to auto parts and aerospace components. Without the high-tech capabilities unique to CNC machines, various components seen on everyday household items would be nearly impossible to produce. As the engineers who’ve undergone CNC machine training will attest, the coding that makes it possible for a CNC machine to mold metal parts into shape is complex.

We also undertake outer machining requirements. Raw materials cover aluminum, copper, steel, iron and PVC, ABS etc.. According your drawings and specifications, we make suitable machining procedure and supply you with qualified products.

There are many kinds of machining operations, each of which is capable of generating a certain part geometry and surface texture.

Other conventional machining operations include shaping, planing, broaching and sawing. Also, grinding and similar abrasive operations are often included within the category of machining.

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