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    silica sol casting stainless steel pump parts impeller

    process:silica sol casting parts material: SS 304
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    2019-05-22 14:49:49

process:silica sol casting                                             

parts material: SS 304     

Our team, made of professional engineers, inspectors, has a rich experience in mechanical parts manufacture. At the same time, we developed a sound relationship with surrounding factories. That help us supply you with best manufacture method that save your energy and cost. The silica sol investment castings have better dimensions and surface quality, but just more expensive than water glass casting. Cost of silica sol casting is almost twice than the cost of water glass casting. Below are the main differences between solica sol casting and water glass casting.

Silica sol castings are mainly used for products with high corrosion resistance and precision dimensions, since silica sol steel casting can have much better surface quality and less geometrical deviation of dimensions. The main silica sol steel castings we ever made include meat grinder parts, valve castings, pump castings, marine hardware, and furniture decoration etc.


Silica sol castingWater glass casting
Size tolerancesCT5-6CT7-8
MachiningNo or less machiningMore machining
MaterialStainless steelCarbon steel & alloy steel



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