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    Water glass casting

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Water glass casting is one of lost wax casting process. Compared with sand casting, it can foundry more precise parts and better surface. This casting process leaving out core nor mold jointing, can make complicated castings with cavities. High precision means that water glass casting parts can be used directly or only need slightly machining. On one hand, it dramatically reduce machining work, and on the other hand, It save 30% raw material than sand casting parts.

Compared with another casting process, silica sol casting, its lower cost make it more competitive.

Usually, casting tolerance for water glass casting is GB/T6414, CT7~8, and surface is Ra 12.5 μm. Weight ranges from 80 grams to 130 kilograms.

Water glass casting

Water Glass Casting

Water glass casting is one of the most common investment casting processes in China, but is seldom in other countries. In Chinese investment casting foundries, about 80% foundries focus its business in water glass casting, while the rest are silica sol casting factories. So what is water glass casting?

Water glass casting, one kind of lost wax investment casting process, uses water glass as the binder for the shell. The origin of water glass casting is in Russia. Process of water glass casting is what we described in investment casting process, with this method, it is suitable for steel castings, especially for carbon steel and alloy steel castings. It allows to produce steel castings ranging from 0.5kg-60kg.

Why Water Glass Casting?

Water glass casting process was introduced to our country in the mid of 1950 by the former Soviet union, it is different from the ethyl silicate binder investment casting process. Due to the advantages of material cost and production cycle, water glass casting was quickly applied in civil machinery manufacturing. With the development of water glass casting process in our country for more than 60 years, in terms of its production scale and application field, it has become the mainstream of investment casting industry of China.

Water glass casting

By adding 0.5% penetrant, the surface quality of water glass casting is greatly improved, and surface finish can even be comparable to the silica sol casting technology. It can avoid defects caused by traditional shell making technology. At the same time, the working environment is improved obviously. In addition, the process parameters and operation requirements are not so complicated and strict, general workers are available to operate shortly. This reduced the loss of skilled workers and new workers are also feasible, which stabilized the normal production efficiency of the factory. In terms of costs, shell making material cost of water glass casting is not added compared with traditional hardening process, and this process decreased the weld repair processing significantly, improve the product rate shortens, and thus to reduces the production cost and the production efficiency.

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