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We supply investment casting, forging and machining service

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Precision castings, forgings and machining parts supplier

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Precision casting parts for heavy duty trucks. This parts can adopt investment casting or precision forging. Usually, lost wax casting can fabricate parts with complicated structure and a better tolerance at the same time. While die forging can provide a better mechanical properties.

In addition, we equipped with advanced machining service, and have a stable relationship with heat treatment & surface treatment factories. That means we are your one-stop shop. What you need is send your drawings and then we ship you finished products.

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Silica sol casting, water glass casting, die-forging and machining are available

Our company, Baoding Bansheng Trading LTD, located in Baoding, China. 150 kilometers to Beijing and 200 kilometers to Tianjin port, it is convenient for customers’visitation and cargo's shipment.

Baoding Bangsheng came from an integrated metal fabrication manufacture. In order to provide more professional trade service for overseas customer, we establish the special company to supply trade service. At present, our trade service mainly centers around casting, forging, cnc machining and involves powder metallurgic, sheet metal processing, mechanical assembly etc..

Our team, made of professional engineers, inspectors, has rich experience in mechanical parts manufacture. At the same time, we developed a sound relationship with surrounding factories. That help us supply you with best manufacture method that save your energy and cost.

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