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Die Casting vs CNC Machining
2021-06-15 13:37:30

Why choose die casting over CNC machining? Quite simply, it comes down to cost and speed. If complex geometries are machined from solid aluminum billets, a lot of material must be removed. This takes time - and wastes a lot of metal.

Reduced manufacturing costs

Die casting is a near-net forming process. So if you are casting rather than machining, then you use only the material you need. The process is fast and repeatable. Any post-casting machining will only add tight tolerance features or other finishing details. This will take a fraction of the time it would take to machine a blank from solid.

Silica Sol Casting Service

Silica Sol Casting Service

Time savings - benefit from faster production cycles

There are other positive benefits as well. Faster cycle times significantly reduce lead times for high-volume production: This is an important consideration, as your customers are putting you under increasing pressure.

Casting can be used to produce complex shapes very quickly - much faster than machining them. When they come out of the mold, very little CNC machining is required.

In some cases, inserts of other metals can be die-cast into place. This further reduces manufacturing time. In addition, die castings are monolithic, so you can cast a large, complex part very quickly without having to machine a series of components that must then be assembled. By eliminating all those assembly connections, you can eliminate potential stresses or weaknesses.

Precision Die Casting of Critical Components

Modern die casting processes are controlled, repeatable and consistent, and therefore offer significant quality advantages. Even the most demanding industries - such as medical devices, aerospace and precision instrumentation - now trust die casting to produce critical components. Our castings can be found in life support machines, motion capture equipment, armored fighting vehicles and airline interiors.

Hot Forged CNC Machining Spiral Gear

Hot Forged CNC Machining Spiral Gear

Specifying Die Casting to Reduce Product Weight

Casting is becoming even more important today as the trend toward lighter weight products continues to grow in all industries. Reducing the weight of machined parts involves removing the additional machining costs of the material by creating grooves and recesses in heavy parts.

However, the same design features on castings often reduce costs because less material is consumed - the geometry of the lightened features is created during the standard casting cycle.

When to specify CNC machining?

For small production runs, machining still has an important role to play. That's because the initial outlay for die casting molds can be expensive - so the unit cost savings don't justify the investment until reasonable throughput is achieved.

But as die manufacturing advances, the break-even threshold has been dropping. So if you're designing a new component and aren't sure whether to specify casting or CNC machining, contact Bangsheng's technical team for some no-obligation advice.


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