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Heating and cooling method during heat treatment in precision casting
2019-12-09 14:23:39

Cooling is also an indispensable step during heat treatment process, cooling method is difference according to varies casting technology and heat treatment process,the most important is to control the cooling speed,generally annealing of cooling speed is the slowest, normalizing of cooling is faster and the quench of cooling is the faster than the others. Due to the above different steels have different requirements, such as empty hard steel can be hard by normalizing cooling speed.

The heating temperature is one of the important parameters of the heat treatment process,  also is one of the important parameters of precision casting process. Selecting and control heating temperature is to ensure the quality of the heat treatment. Heating temperature is difference due to the metal materials and the purpose of the heat treatment processing while generally to heat above the disguised temperature so that to get high organization. 

The other hand to be changed that will take some time, when the surface of metal piece to reach the heating temperature that will maintain the temperature for a certain time to make the same temperature for inside and outside, so that the microstructure to be changed completely, this time called the holding time. When using high energy density heating and the surface treatment, the heating speed is much fast and generally with no holding time while chemical treatment holding time is usually longer.

Heating and cooling method during heat treatment in precision casting

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