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Process characteristics of steel castings
2019-06-04 18:38:41

The steel castings are metal objects obtained by casting. The steel castings are pieces of art created by the workers' masters. So, what are the characteristics of these artworks?

The casting process design is based on the structural characteristics of the castings, combined with the actual production, to design a set of operational guidance documents and quality control documents that ensure quality and obtain high economic benefits, and produce a conformity under the premise of implementation guarantee. Required product.

There are many factors in the design process of large casting casting technology, and there are many design methods used. Some inconspicuous factors in small parts have significant effects in large parts. Large castings are small in batch size, process testing and improvement are difficult, and designers require a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Cheng and content mainly include: the process analysis of castings, the choice of casting process plan, the selection of casting process parameters, the control of casting forming, the heat treatment technology of castings, the design of casting process equipment, the post-processing technology of castings, etc. The core of the design, the meaning of the casting process design in the usual sense is this part.

The casting process design is based on summarization and improvement. It is a technical management measure for obtaining high quality and high yield castings. When selecting a casting process plan, specific conditions of the foundry must be considered, such as the operation of the casting equipment, production capacity, structure and dimensions of the steel castings, technical requirements, and production quantities. The following is a preliminary discussion on the main principles of casting process options.

After the process plan for casting parts is decided, various casting process parameters should be selected according to the shape, size and technical requirements of the product parts drawing. The casting process parameters are determined by the characteristics of the metal type and the casting method.

Its contents mainly include casting shrinkage, machining allowance, draft, casting fillet and core size, as well as process correction and negative classification. When selecting the casting process parameters, it must be flexibly applied according to the actual production situation.

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