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Some design elements of precision castings
2019-06-04 18:56:52

In addition to the requirements of the machine equipment itself and the requirements of machining process, the design of precision castings should also meet the requirements of the casting process. The structural design of the castings should pay attention to the following points:

First, it is convenient to manufacture models, core boxes and shapes:

1) The inner cavity of small mixer and U-shaped mixer castings should strive to use no or less core when casting. When using core, it should be convenient to support, fix and exhaust sand. If necessary, there should be enough Process hole

2) For the inner and outer sides of the casting and the ribs and other structures, a certain structural inclination should be provided in the direction of the die;

3) The boss portion on the casting should not be too different from the casting body. It is preferable to take the same height. The several bosses on the same surface are preferably connected to the whole convex portion.

4) The shape of the casting should be simple, so as to facilitate the mold, the casting parting surface should be as flat as possible, and the number is the smallest;

Second, to reduce the tendency to produce casting defects:

1) It should be avoided as much as possible to have a large horizontal plane inside the casting;

2) The casting hole on the plane wall of the casting should be reinforced with a flange to reduce the wall thickness;

3) The structure of the casting should be as unobstructed as possible when it is cooled;

4) There should be a number of connecting columns in the large-area interlayer cavity such as the water path and gas path in the casting.

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