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The basic requirements to reduce pitting on the surface of precision castings
2020-07-08 11:20:48

The basic requirements to reduce pitting on the surface of precision castings

1.    How to prevent the pitting defect of casting?

There are several measures we may take to ensure quality of precision castings.

Firstly, use qualified materials. Secondly, carry out each process in strict with operation requirements.

     When select additives, we need strictly control the usage.

2 The casting difference between precision casting and other traditional casting method. And the what’s the basic requirements for precision casting.

For precision casting, also called lost wax casting. It use wax patent with heat-resistant shell. And then pouring in melting metal to shape the casting. Precision castings have higher tolerance and better surface than other traditional casting method.  For this kind of casting, the basic requirement is that the surface of the casting should be clean and clean without any defects, such as sticking sand, oxide scale, flash and casting lump.

3. In case of bulge or leakage of molten iron in precision casting, is it related to the casting itself?

If there is bulge or molten iron leakage in the precision casting, the casting itself has some problem. It may be that the strength of the mold shell is not enough, or there is a problem with the binder used. So, on this question, the answer is yes.

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