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What Are the Advantages of Precision Die Forging?
2021-02-04 15:21:17

Precision die forging is based on the general die forging gradually developed a new process of less cutting processing. Compared with general die forging, it can obtain good surface quality, less machining allowance and higher dimensional accuracy of forgings, which can improve the material utilization rate, cancel or partially cancel the cutting process, can make the metal flow line along the zero companion profile reasonable distribution, improve the bearing capacity of the parts. Therefore, for the production of large quantities of small and medium-sized forgings, if the precision die forging forming method can be used, it can significantly improve productivity, reduce product costs and improve product quality.

Die Forging

Especially for some materials are expensive and difficult to cut forgings, its technical and economic effect is more significant. Some parts, such as synchronous gear ring of automobile, not only have complicated tooth shape, but also have some blind grooves on them, which are difficult to cut and process, but after forming with precision forging method, only a small amount of cutting is needed to assemble and use. Therefore, precision die forging is an important new technology in the modern machine building industry, and is one of the development directions of forging technology.

According to the technical and economic analysis, the batch of parts in more than 2000 pieces, precision die forging will show its superiority, if the existing forging equipment and heating equipment can meet the requirements of precision die forging process, the batch of parts in more than 500 pieces, it can be used for precision die forging production.

At present, precision die forging is mainly used in two areas.

(1) Refinement of billet with precision forging process instead of rough cutting process, that is, precision forging parts directly for precision cutting process and get finished parts, with a large number of CNC machining equipment, the demand for billet refinement is becoming more and more urgent.

(2) Precision forging parts are generally used for precision forming parts on the difficult to cut parts, while other parts still need a small amount of cutting processing. Sometimes, it is directly used to produce finished parts with sub.

Precision forgings have the following characteristics compared with ordinary die forgings.

1) The shape of the fine forgings is more complex than the general die forgings, and the general die forgings can simplify the shape by increasing the remaining blocks, while the fine forgings are close to the shape of the parts.

2) The wall thickness, rib width and other dimensions of the fine forgings are smaller than those of the general die forgings, because the general die forgings have machining allowance, while the fine forgings generally do not leave machining allowance or leave less machining allowance.

3) The dimensional accuracy and surface quality of fine forgings are higher than those of general forgings.


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