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What is a steel casting?
2019-06-04 18:41:08

What is a steel casting

In metal smelting, ingot casting is divided into upper casting and lower casting. The molten steel ingot is usually a lower casting method. The molten steel is discharged from the underside of the ladle and enters the medium casting tube, and enters the ingot mold from below. At this time, the shrinkage cavities of the residue are concentrated on the upper part of the ingot, thereby ensuring the quality of the ingot. The steel castings we usually call are just cast steel.

Non-ferrous metal ingots are usually cast-up and cast into individual ingots, such as common aluminum ingots. Impurities attached to the upper surface cannot be separated. The two ingot methods are related to their subsequent processes. Steel ingots are used to roll steel and the upper part of the ingot can be cut to ensure quality. Casting is "casting" and casting is "casting". Obviously, the lower casting can guarantee the quality than the pouring. The casting properties of steel are not very good, and it is difficult to ensure the quality. It is essential to ensure the temperature of the molten steel. For steel castings, if the smelting furnace can meet the requirements of the castings, the lower casting method is adopted, and the quality of the steel castings is good after cutting off the excess feeders.

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