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    Alloy Steel Die Forging Forks Agricultrual Parts

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Alloy steel die forging forks


Alloy steel


Die forging

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Friction press

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Shot blasting





Die Forging is a forging process in which dies (called tooling) that contain a precut profile of the desired part move 

towards each other and covers the workpiece in whole or in part. The heated raw material, which is approximately the 

shape or size of the final forged part, is placed in the bottom die. The shape of the forging is incorporated in the top or 

bottom die as a negative image. Coming from above, the impact of the top die on the raw material forms it into the 

required forged form. Some of the smaller parts are actually forged cold.

A wide range of agricultural applications use these and other forged parts. The preference for forged parts throughout the agricultural 

industry relates to the advantages they provide in various applications such as:

·         Tractors. Forged steel facilitates increased durability and resistance to impacts and fatigue for rotating blades, connecting 

rods/shafts, crankshafts, and blunt extensions used in tractors.

·         Combines. Wear to high-speed moving parts due to friction and impacts is common in combine operation. Using forged 

steel for these parts offers increased durability for blades and other components.

·         Plows. Forged steel components resist the friction wear and impact damage common to plowing operations.

·         Hammer blades. Forged steel hammer blades offer superior long-term impact resistance throughout their service life in 

comparison to steel-cast blades.

·         Machine engines. Torque and fatigue create wear and failure in machine engines, but forged steel extends the lifecycle of 

these parts and components.

·         Backhoes. Forged steel provides greater resistance against the impacts and high torque common with backhoe operation.

·         Air valves. Using forged steel rather than cast steel improves the pressure tolerance capabilities of air valves.

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