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    OEM Steel Hot Forging Parts

    Material: Alloy Steel Process: Hot forging/die forging Service: OEM Quality Control: ISO 9001 Apllication: Truck Package:Bubble + carton + wooden case/pallet
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Product name

OEM steel hot forging parts


Alloy steel


Hot forging

Process Equipment

Double Plates Friction Press

Surface Finish

Shot blasting


Precision forging is also known as die forging. The metal is placed in a mould and attached to an anvil. The hammer 

is dropped onto the metal, causing it to flow and fill the die cavities. The hammer is timed to come into contact with 

the metal in quick succession on a scale of milliseconds. Excess metal is pushed out from the die cavities, resulting in 

flash. The flash cools faster than the rest of the material, making it stronger than the metal in the die. After forging, 

the flash is removed.

In order for the metal to reach the final stage, it is moved through a series of cavities in a die:

1.  Edging impression (also known as fullering or bending)
The first impression used to mold the metal into a rough shape.

2.  Blocking cavities
The metal is worked into a shape that more closely resembles the final product. The metal is shaped with generous bends 

and fillets.

3.  Final impression cavity
Final stage of finishing and detailing the metal into the desired shape.

Advantages of closed-die forging:

·         Produces near net shapes that require only a small amount of finishing

·         Economic for large quantity production

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